GearHalo Drypack

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Use GearHalo™ scent free Drypacks in all your gear to minimize moisture problems. 1, 2 or 3 Drypacks in your equipment bag or any place where moisture accumulates will keep your gear dry.

Drypacks  are designed to be modular; use the Velcro® at each end to combine Drypacks or use in combination with Scented GearHalo™  Deodorizing pods.

Use Drypacks anywhere that moisture control is a problem.

Where to use Drypacks:

• Backpacks

• Lockers

• Travel Bags

• Camping

• Boating

• Wet Suits

• Fishing Gear

• Tackle Boxes

• Laundry Bags

• Camera Bags

• First Aid Kits