The #1 Killer of Sport Stink now offers fundraising opportunities for local sports teams across Canada. 

Created by hockey dads, the GearHalo team has a lot of sympathy for how hard fundraising can be. (No, really, we have spent years trying to talk our co-workers into buying chocolate they don’t really want. We KNOW how hard it is!)

Looking to give back to the sports community and tired of candy, popcorn and plastic dust-collectors, GearHalo developed a fundraising program that you can be proud to offer your friends, co-workers… even your boss! 

A fresh idea for fundraising

  • Quick Start
  • Great Program Support
  • Quick turnaround on delivery
  • Very Useful
  • Quality Product – proven in the dressing room
  • Great Value 
  • Easy to Sell
  • Unique
  • Lasts an entire season so you can use the same fundraiser next year
  • Calorie-free! :-) 

More than sports

GearHalo is an easy ask even if your friends and relatives aren't into sports. 

Our customers have found GearHalo works great at keeping work, hobby and travel gear fresh. This is something everyone can use!

  • workbooks
  • dress shoes
  • car trunks
  • sneakers
  • laundry hamper
  • suitcases
  • golfing, skiing, running, yoga, gym - all your fitness activities

GearHalo’s Fundraising Program is available for non-profit sport teams. Tell us about your fundraising needs and we will let you know how we can help. It's not too late for this season! Contact us today.