• "Awesome product.  The smell is gone!"
  • "My boyfriend and his car used to stink.  Now he doesn't smell anymore.  Think I'll keep him."
  • "I tried everything to stop the stink of my hockey gear.  Sprays, baking soda, nothing worked.  The sprays even gave me a rash!  This stuff is fantastic!"
  • "I was ready to pull my boys out of hockey!, They stunk, my car smelled, my house smelled.  I tried a few pods in their skates and gloves and it worked!  I love them!"
  • "I used to replace work boots every 6 months because I couldn't stand the smell.  I thought they were going to throw me out of camp!  Now the smell is gone.  I needed this a long time ago."
  • "I put two pods in my daughters gross smelling dance shoes.  Today she put them to her face, smiled, and said  'This GearHalo really works Dad!'"