Q: Why is GearHalo™ better than the rest?

A: GearHalo™ is a dry solution that combats the problem at its source. Unlike other products that add more moisture to already wet gear, GearHalo™ attacks odor , removes the moisture and deodorizes all at the same time.

Q: My bag really stinks, should I purchase more than 1 Cube?

A: It really depending on the amount of equipment and the size of the bag. In hockey, skates and gloves are usually a major source of odor because they never really dry between uses. One cube in your footware, and we recommend a set for your gloves as well. While you are using your gear, keep your Gearhalo™ pods in your bag to keep it fresh and replace in your skates and gloves immediately after use. Consistent and repeated use in your gear provides the highest level of protection from stink. GearHalo™ is not a replacement for washing. Follow standard washing practices for your gear.

Q: Where is GearHalo™ manufactured?

A: Gearhalo™ is manufactured in Canada with pride! Our mission from the start was to kill the stink of sport by creating a world class product made locally that really works.

Q: How long will my GearHalo™ pods last?

A: GearHalo™ pods are designed to last a season. The moisture absorption and powerful deodorizer will fade over time. So when the new season starts just add a new set of pods to your old ones, and you’ll have double the moisture absorption along with the fresh scent of two new pods.

Q: When should I recharge my GearHalo™ pods? I threw my box out.

A: The time between regenerating depends on the environment they are exposed to. In “normal” conditions (2-3 days a week of sport) the pods may not need to be regenerated at all. Southern hot humid climates are much different than Northern cold dry climates, so a general rule is to review their performance 2/3 of the way through the season and regenerate as necessary. Remember, we have designed GearHalo™ pods to last an entire season so fresh scent is released continuously over time. Consistent and repeated use in your gear provides the highest level of protection from stink.

Q: I was regenerating my pods but I forgot them in the dryer for an hour! Did I just kill my pods?

A: You have not killed your pods. Excessive regeneration time does not damage the moisture removal system. However, it will reduce the strength of the fresh scent. It is best to regenerate only as necessary.

Q: Is GearHalo™ environmental friendly?

A: Yes! GearHalo™ pods are a zero waste end product. The moisture absorption of the pods works for the life of the product. Only the strength of the fresh scent deoderizer reduces over time, however the modular nature of the pods allows you to always be combining new ones to old ones to create the ultimate long term stink removal system. Our environmentally friendly philosophy has been employed even in our packaging, and retailer point of purchase displays. All are made of 80% recycled materials minimising our environmental footprint.

Q: I’m not from Canada or the USA, How can I stock this in my store?

A: Just go to the “Become a retailer” tab and fill your information out. We will contact you with details or a distributor in your country.

Q: GearHalo™ solved the stink of my gear!!! How can I help spread the word?

A: We would love you to spread the word and help us kill the stink! Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take pictures of your creative uses for Gearhalo™ and post them. Show us how Gearhalo™ changed your life for the better. If you know of a place that would benefit from Gearhalo™, tell them and let us know.

Together we can solve the problem of stink!