Skate Stones


Coated Steel Honing Stone

If you’re skating on coated steel, this stone is a must. Created specifically to be hard enough to take care of those stubborn burrs, but soft enough to protect the coating in the process.

At the request of several Pro Equipment managers, we’ve had one of the long sides precision ground with a radius edge. Protection of the stone while not in use is always a must, so we created a durable canvas sleeve to keep it safe while in your bag.

  • Fine Cut
  • 4” x 1” x 5/8”
  • Rubberized & Contains Aluminum Oxide
  • Precision Radius Long Edge
  • Canvas Protective Sleeve included



Fine Honing Stone

Repair Minor edge damage, and maintain a clean finished edge. GearHalo honing stones are premium Aluminum Oxide and precision ground.

Use what the pros use, and not the cheap alternatives that claim to be “the Best.” We’ve also included a specially designed stone sleeve to keep this premium stone from damage while in your bag.

  • Fine Cut/320 Grit
  • 4” x 1” x 9/16”
  • High Grade Aluminum Oxide Stone
  • Precision Ground
  • Durable Canvas Protective
  • Sleeve included



Pro Honing Kit

We’ve assembled our entire assortment of premium blade care stones in a purpose built sleeve/roll to keep them organized and safe from the elements in your bag.

Our Pro Honing Kit features a precision ground Aluminum Oxide Fine/320 grit, an Aluminum Oxide Medium/240 grit, and our exclusive combination hardwood Maple burr block/Leather strop.

You’ve got everything you need to maintain your edges, or correct any issues that happen between sharpening like a pro!

  • High Grade & Precision Ground
  • Includes 3 stones:
    • Aluminum Oxide Fine/320 grit
    • Aluminum Oxide Medium/240 grit
    • Exclusive hardwood Maple burr block/Leather strop
  • Durable Canvas Protective Sleeve/Roll with Hockey Lace Tie
  • For those that take blade care as seriously as the pros.



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