Stick Wax


Stick Wax

Made with Canadian beeswax, our stick wax formulation is the all natural way to create grip for better puck control while preventing buildup on your blade.

Serious development went into this wax to get just the right hardness to softness ratio in different temperatures. Shaped to perform, the square cushion shape also helps with blade contact when waxing.


  • All natural beeswax formula
  • Non petroleum based
  • Perfect hardness and not too sticky
  • The only stick wax on the market with a grip
  • No more sticky hands
  • Natural coconut scent
  • Keeps your tape from getting soggy
  • Enhances puck control
  • Free Shred sticker with every Tin
  • Wax grip doubles as a spare stick holder
  • Used by the pros
  • Made in Canada
  • Free 18pc POP



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